Learn Test Automation Framework Creation Using Selenium

Folks we have written a tutorial for aspiring test automation engineers who wants to learn Webdriver and looking for Test Automation Framework creation knowledge. The project contains a bunch of chapters right from "writing your first Selenium test" to "how to implement Page Object Pattern". 
We have hosted the sample framework in Github and is for illustration purpose. 
It will demo the implementation of Java with WebDriver (aka Selenium 2) and how to write automated tests. The chapters are created in a evolving manner where the first chapter tests are very simple enough (how a beginner would write) and then slowly they have been evolved (how a professional would write).
Who's the Target Audience: To work, interact and make the best out of the project a person is required to have a basic knowledge of Java, Selenium API, TestNG and GIT. Just to clear this tutorial is not meant to teach you Java. This is more to teach and enable you to how to write automated tests in Java using Selenium and TestNG.
Application Under Test: We are using Cleartrip website (http://www.cleartrip.com) for demonstration of automation. This website was obvious choice as it is rich with controls like Textbox, Drop down, Calendar control, Ajax wait etc. The Scenarios considered are mostly the day to day business use case where in we have used ticket booking business scenario and it's different flavours. You need to have one of the IDE either Eclipse or IntelliJ to import the test and read through it. Once you are done with cloning the project , you need to import the project. Your preferred IDE might throw some error if path to JDK is not set properly. I expect the users to solve those problems on their own but in case they are not able to then do write to me on my email id.
How to Start: In the src folder of the project we have a README package which houses the read me for the chapters. This is a good point to start. I would suggest the users to read the chapters first and then browse through the Scenarios package to see the implementations. You can skip the starting chapters if your familiarity level with Selenium/Java is on the higher side. One good way to practice would be create a sample java class file and start experimenting by starting to write the test on the similar lines.
Support: In case of any help needed, do write us at tosukeshk@gmail.com or nishuverma@gmail.com
Feedback: We have also added an Issues tab in GIT where you can report issue or problem you are stuck with. We are very much happy to get your feedbacks. Off late Cleartrip has been revamping the site and we have noticed that there are some changes in the HTML as well. So you might see some tests failing, don't panic either you can fix it and submit the changes or drop us an email (we will fix and let you know).
Help us make it better and spread the word to the folks who are interested in learning Selenium.


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