Life was simple before iPhone

Looks like weird title but true for me! I remember my life some 3 and half years ago when I was happy with my Sony Ericsson mobile phone. It was a routine activity for me to get ready, go to office, do some testing and come back home. I was not an avid reader that time, mostly I used to read non fictions.

Then one fine day I was attending a business presentation which was about booming mobile application industry. The last slide was of a guy who was sleeping on bed and there were lots of mobile hanging on top of him (trying to convey that think and dream only about mobile, that’s the future). It was an impressive presentation which talked about mobile world. As a result of that eye opening presentation, I started reading few blogs and some mobile related websites. After some months time, I realized that the actual culprit is iPhone.

Before iPhone there were mobiles phones which people primarily used to make calls (STD or Local) or send SMS, listen music, take pictures. Apple guys snatched the music portion and created iPod while Nokia was still selling music player based mobile phones. So there were two categories of music listeners; Apple & Rest of the World. I used to see guys having descent phone and listening music using in iPod(may be style statement or gizmo freak). And then there were bunch of other guys who used their mobile phones (mostly Nokia and Sony Ericsson owners) to listen music (Rest of the World in this case). Life became a little bit complex as I had to carry a mobile phone and then an iPod with me.

Why iPhone changed the whole mobile industry? It transformed your whole mobile experience. Earlier the mobile web usage was a very little or minimal. But iPhone just blew it away! Though there were some touch screen phones with browsers in market, but they were not up to the standard. iPhone literally killed all the touch screen based mobiles with its impeccable user experience. Apple didn’t sell iPhone, they sold user experience. I am sure mobile users 3 years back wouldn’t have asked for anything else! The concept of App store came in where I can download applications on my mobile phone. people started using browsing on mobile! Most of the public facing websites started creating their websites especially designed for iPhone. Holy shit !!! Why all of a sudden this urge? What’s happening? I started reading admob analytics which talked about growing share of iPhone in the mobile web usage. Once the concept of app store kick started, people started talking about LBS (Location based service) and market became flooded with LBS based apps.

Companies started seeing this as an opportunity and whole lot of mobile application development came into existence! By the time I realized and understood all these, it was late. I had already subscribed to numerous mobile application and Start up related feeds, Techcrunch, ReadWriteWeb, Open Gardens etc…

Daily somewhere  around 100-150 feeds get dumped in my Google reader, for which I spend around some 2 hours. I was not this avid reader of blogs and tech articles, but the iPhone boom changed me. It’s tough for me to unsubscribe them, somehow I am kind of used to. In other words, I am addicted to these feeds.

Though I wish to buy an iPhone but it’s true that “My life was simple before iPhone”!


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