Social Network? Are we seeing too much of it???

I was just going through some feeds in Google Reader where I saw the heading "Sweeping Changes At It’s A Social Network!". Finally Microsoft ventured into Social Networking. I am not a very good researcher on Internet but yes a vivid reader for sure. I have 1 question:

1.Are we seeing too much of Social Networking Site?

My point on the first question, yes I think we are seeing a too much of it. To name a few market owners Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster, hi5, MySpace, Orkut, Tagged and the list goes on… Too much right! Yeah at least I would say that. I remember I had an account in hi5 which I stopped using, probably account would have got deleted by now. Then I created an account in Orkut, was tired at some point of time and deleted that account and then again I created one as most of the friends are there :). Recently I created an account in LinkedIn found it’s good and very professional unlike Orkut. Then heard of MySpace and created there too. Now the problem which surfaced was how frequently I should check all these account, mapping between friends and these networks and finally remembering the id and password of each of them :). It was too tiring. So I gave up MySpace and focused only on Orkut and LinkedIn.

Now an idea which is coming in my mind is how about creating a web site to control all of my account. Something like Google Reader where in I add those sites and I will get all the updates from my friends, all the scraps from my friends etc… This idea sounds good. But since I am from a testing background I am not sure if this is technically feasible??? But may be in future when the web moves from 2.0 to 3.0 or 4.0 or say X.0 we may get to see this type of an application.
One more thing, I think this idea will be very popular among people in west than here in India just a prediction of mine. But first let’s hope some startup get this idea and our tech gods (Venture Capitalists) fund it.


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