High Definition Bug !

I was on my way to Koramangala via Inner Ring road when I saw a big hoarding about the Bausch & Lomb HD lens.  My first reaction: What the hell ? The HD bug came here also (that too in lens) ? What all we will see with HD ?


We already have products like HD Television, HD TV Channel, HD DVD , HD Camera and now HD lens.  Damn is there anything which is left ? I guess after few days we will see HD Sunglasses and many more. But I am not sure how they are going to sell the HD sunglasses.


But HD hasn’t changed anything, I think? I used to see Cricket matches; Before (on TV) and Now (on Sony Bravia). In a cricket match, I can’t notice where the ball has hit on the pad unless I see the replay. Then what the f**k with HD ! Also I am not the one who gives decision. I just have to live with the decision like the other viewers who just watches it in a normal TV. :)

High Definition is just a bug which makes you spend more without giving any satisfaction.


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