Twitter allowing “Followers” to be Grouped ???

I am not in US! I don’t use Face book, Twitter, MySpace more than Google when i am online. Of late I started using Twitter and currently I am Following :42 & Followers: 32 
And a total of 83 tweets. Not good but not very bad also. Once in a day I do log into Twitter account either to tweet or read updates from the others.
But I realized, Twitter is such a plain application. I mean just simple. You Follow <==> Some one Follows you ==> You Tweet. That’s it. Damn Simple. So I have friends who follows me, Colleagues and outside world. There are some updates which I want to share with my friends only and not with Outside World or vice versa. Then I realized that Twitter should actually allow me to Group Users I follow and allow me to choose my updates to share with certain groups. Wouldn’t it be nice. Yeah I feel so, I don’t know about you.
Well I have just sent an email about this to Senior Product Manager in Twitter and hoping he may consider it. Let’s see what happens.


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