Orkut, Facebook, Myspace all on one web page...

Social networking Sites – All in one site

Yesterday when I was checking my Orkut account and then my Face book account (Fortunately I am not using Myspace or Linked In), a thought came to my mind; what if a web site which allows me a single sign in to all my account (Orkut & Face book here) and launch the 2 web site side by side. This will give me the facility to have single web page and will minimize my efforts like opening a new tab, typing in my id and password etc.... If you have used blogger, then it will make sense to understand my concept. The web page should be similar to blogger where in you can re-arrange the frames (Which will contain Orkut, Facebook etc...)them as per your wish. We can have some features like if you write some scrap in one scrap book then you get by default the same scrap in other scrap book. Also the host web page may offer you something like finding friends who are there in Orkut and not in Face book or vice versa.

I don’t know if technically it is feasible or not :) , but I think that in future we may get to see a web page like this because almost all of us have more than 1 account in social networking site and with the popularity of these sites we often get drifted to create a new one and try them. So probably it will be very difficult to visit each of them daily and which may push some of our developer bros to create it... I would love to test it being a tester or could suggest some ideas to make it more rich ... :)


  1. hay Nishant,

    Shaibal here,

    Nice blog and Great thought dude...


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