Google, Google and Google…

G1- The next big thing in mobile market is not yet in market but ask any techie he will list down almost all the features of it. I have not seen G1 but have read a lot on many web sites, reviews about it. To tell you in brief G1 is loaded with Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail with Contacts, Calendar, Google Talk and YouTube.

After proving its mettle in World Wide Web from product like Google Search, Gmail, Orkut etc, it is now trying to capture the fastest growing market of “Telecom World” which grew from 1.6 billion in September 2007 to 5.1 billion in September 2008 [Source: AdMob Mobile Metrics Report]. What I can see around in near future is Google, Google and Google everywhere. Buying mobile OS start-up “Android” and then venturing into mobile market to tap the mobile business is one of the most calculated step of Google which hint about the way Google want to be market leader. Today evening when I was going through “Read Write Web” site, BlogRovr indicated a new blog update about Google’s acquisition of new Blog site “TNC” which is more popular than Google’s Blogger in Korea. The sole reason of acquisition was making its presence felt in Korea.


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