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On Friday, October 24, 2008 by Nishant Verma in
Few days back I started reading blogs (related to mobiles) and started digging more into stuffs which are related to mobile market and I found it really interesting. One area which I find very promising is “Testing mobile apps”. But the challenges are many. Almost every 6 months or may be even less handset makers are coming with new mobile OS. Take the example of Google which brought “Android”, Apple’s Iphone came with its own OS, Palm OS announced ALP 3.0. So it’s like the basic system is not stable or in other words it’s undergoing a lot of change unlike computers where in we have a concept of new version releases. But even the PC OS version is not that frequent as we have in the case of Mobile phone OS. So the question is “can we see that market to be stable?” Will the big giants like Google, Apple, Nokia etc. will be in a position to put a check on this? If we analyze it further, we can actually see a possibility of “start-ups” coming into picture which can actually capture the market of “Mobile Testing”.
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