Why not to hurry with your action plan !

There are different kinds of person and obviously different kinds of problem solving strategy. So where is this blog coming from? This is based on my latest project assignment. A team which has some process in place (not the best though, but people admit it and want to move to next level), some problems as perceived by me because of me being new to the team and not yet saturated with things around. So how do you go about tackling it?

Take some time in understanding why there are certain things dealt in a certain way, understand what people values and what not, what is important to them, why they do certain things in a certain way? Based on your previous experience or theoretical team (which you would have read in blogs or some books) chart out what things are already in and what else you want to get in. Discuss with your team members and get their feel on that stuff. Chart out a plan with time line attached to it and go for it. Analyzing this way and having spend some time you would know where the obstructions will come from and who will come to your rescue when you hit a dead-end.

You might need to involve other stake holder as well and take ownership yourself for few items to drive and prove that it works. If it doesn't work input the feedback/learning back into the system and re-work. Simple :)


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