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Sunday, March 25, 2012

On Sunday, March 25, 2012 by Nishant Verma in    No comments

I bought Kindle Fire Tablet almost 3 months back and still there is no support from Amazon to install apps on the tablet if you are outside US. I figured out a way to get apps installed on Kindle Fire.  Neither you need to point to any parallel app store nor you need to root your kindle fire. Let me give you some simple steps in which you can install apps:

  • Turn ON "Allow Installation of applications"
  • Open Web and navigate to http://www.4shared.com
  • Search for 4shared.apk file (.apk file are installers for Android based devices)
  • Download the file and install it
  • Once 4shared is installed, search for anything like "Facebook for Android" and look for .apk file
  • Once found download the file and install it.
There would be some .apk file which might not run properly, you may want to look for some other file and install it. I tried for apps like 4Shared, Nimbuzz, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, VLC, File Explorer and it worked perfectly fine. You can definitely look for some more apps and install it from there.


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