Technology Adoption Lifecycle

Though there are many things I wish I could write and share with you all (what I learn at IIM), but I found this really worth and couldn’t resist. I am thinking of sharing some learning with you all going forward.
Today I had a class on subject “Management of Tech Products” and Professor suggested a book “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey A. Moore. Probably if you are associated with Product development and Management, this book would be a great source of knowledge and insight into product management. I would definitely recommend this!
As per the book mentioned above, there is something called “Technology Adoption Lifecycle“ model and it actually shows that a product marketer should focus one user group at a time. These are 5 different user segments who actually uses the product at different stages. Below attached is the picture of the same.
Leaving you with this so that you feel like knowing more about it ! (Food for thought)


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