Automating tests in Twist

In past I have done quite some automation using C#, QTP and Loadrunner (yes using Loadrunner for functional test automation). From past 1 month I have started using Twist extensively. And it’s just an amazing experience !
I remember the readability of tests were limited only to me and the person I was working along with (when I was working on QTP or C# or LR). Though we use to give underlying methods a fancy name to convey the purpose of test but it must be a painful experience for a third person to extend and maintain it. And moreover business user wouldn’t make any sense out of it except the count of tests which has passed or failed.
Why I am talking about all this is because I was actually automating a test in Twist around the “Inline Concept” feature. So here in Twist team, we use Twist to test Twist. Quite a twisted statement. :)
Twist allows you to write tests in DSL (Domain Specific Language). So the advantage is my tests are more readable and functionally meaningful (in domain terms). Even business users can understand it and I don’t need to give them ‘gyan’ on how to comprehend the tests.
Just a snapshot of tests which will give you the feel. So when I want to add tests I just press Control + Space to see the list of actions which are written in English language and easy to understand and infer. It just eases my job. By the way someone else on the team has written these tests but the capability of Twist to allow DSL just takes away all my pain.

I will talk about Inline Concept in probably my next blog post, till then you can read more about DSL and how Twist is making a difference !


  1. lakshmi narasimhanJuly 21, 2011

    Good to know that there is someone out there using "Twist". I am a fellow "Twister" - lol...

  2. @lakshmi oh yes there are many out there ! we are not the lone rangers :)

  3. Is Twist a freeware or something?

  4. No it's a paid tool from ThoughtWorks Studios ! Get in touch with a sales guy to get quote !


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