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On Tuesday, January 11, 2011 by Nishant Verma in , ,
What we did well ? What we didn’t ? How we can ?
I always use to think that Retrospective meeting is all about taking some time out of busy delivery schedule to reflect back on the work we did. I somehow feel it’s an important practice in agile methodology. The goal of the meeting  should be to continue the momentum of continuous delivery by effectively continuing some process, amending some process to suit the team best and then dropping off some. Retrospective Meeting also allows us to review our practices; practices that worked well, practices that didn’t work so well and practices that should be picked up or implemented.
Another thing which I wanted to point out is: most of the Retrospective Meetings results in bunch of action items. Some of them are forgotten the very moment we step out of the room (post Retrospective) and then they got picked up once again right before the next Retrospective meeting (just to give update). What’s the point in having such action items? Also those action items looks so obvious that I sometimes wonder why to have a meeting with the whole team just to declare those obvious items. Moreover I am of the opinion that we should consider the action items as non-functional backlog. So we should come up with action item wisely and they should be measurable in nature so that we don’t loose track of it.
There could be many ways of facilitating Retrospective meeting, but personally I hate it when the whole team gets packed in a room to discuss just the problems. Retrospective meeting is all about improving the way in which we are working. If Retrospectives are not bringing any change/improvement in the delivery process,  then it’s frustrating and becomes the most neglected practice in the Scrum methodology.
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