Customer Care – Easiest way to distinguish between different players

Scene 1: On 23rd Jan I registered on Tata Docomo website for mobile number portability. I got a confirmatory SMS that a representative will get back in touch for the paper formality and with a new SIM to be given to me in 4 days time. Till now I was feeling nice. I was thinking that the secret behind good consumer facing product is great Customer Service/Care. How much you value a customer? After 5 days of patience, I called up on the Toll Free Number 1800-266-0000. To my surprise they have no idea of this. After speaking for around 5 minutes I asked them how do I cancel my request? Simple solution: Send a mail to detailing that you want to cancel the request. I got an automated response that my request will be served. Thanks a lot ! See the response below from them:
I was surprised to see the awards they have received for their service. Amazing !!!
Scene 2: Out on Indiranagar 100 Ft Road, Airtel Office, Vodafone Office, TataDocomo Office all in close proximity to each other. I went to TataDocomo first to enquire about my cancellation. Executive sitting in the office had no clue that one can opt for Number Portability on website itself. Instead of gap between the two I am more worried about how they can bridge this gap? I took some pamphlets which contained details about the 3G plan and walked out.
Scene 3:  Vodafone has very bad impression on me due to it’s poor service. I entered the show room and I noticed that there was a person talking in a loud voice to an executive. I thought of going near him and finding issue but saw that he was too busy in showing some mail on his laptop to the executive. I said good bye and walked out ! I felt that the first impression itself is so bad do I want to take risk? I got the reply; a firm No!
Presently my Edge network doesn’t suck so much ! :) Happy continuing the service.


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