Selecting Test Automation Tool

I was reading an interesting discussion on some Testing website (discussion thread) which was about commercial testing tool versus the open source counterparts.
Just to name a few and revising my own knowledge, some of the prominent software test automation tools are : QTP, LoadRunner, Rational Robot, Silk Performer, TestPartner etc. On the other hand the open source tools are: Selenium, Watir, Sahi, Cucumber,Frankenstein, SoapUI, Watin etc. No offense to the tools which I haven’t mentioned here. :)
So when we have such a huge list of test automation tools, the question is how do we decide the test automation tool? It’s a very good question and should be asked always before finalizing the Test Automation plan.
Depending on the project, a good test tool is the one which has:
  • Support project’s Technical Requirements
  • Multiple Environment Support
  • Programming language: Easy to learn and use
  • Allows Test Data Management
  • Easy and structured Reporting Features
  • Failure and Error Logging
  • Technical Support and available user community & acceptance
  • Re-Usability of components and libraries
I am sure there will be many more points to add to the above mentioned list but once there are a set of tools which passes the above mentioned checklist then the only deciding factor would be the “Investment on the Tool”.


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