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On Monday, September 20, 2010 by Nishant Verma in ,
As a QA I have been logging bugs since 5 years. But what do we do with that ? A typical flow:
If this is the only thing we need to do then why taking so much of pain to have a defect tracking system.
To log a standard bug (Standard Bug= Broken Functionality), we need to write steps to reproduce, pre-requisites (if any), expected result, actual result, priority, severity, snapshot (if any), Test environment details and finally save it. This takes around roughly 3-5 minutes to log a bug. To say truth, I have never seen any report coming out of defect tracking system which is of use in analyzing the pattern of bug or finding out any trend in them. All I have seen apart from tracking usage, is the summary of bugs with count based on Priority and Severity. Is that the only purpose of Defect Tracking System? If that is the case then why not use a Google spreadsheet rather then investing money of the company and time of QA in a bug logging system. I am sure if we mine the data which is created by bug logging system we are bound to get some real useful information on the project like quality of the code, bug density apart from Bug Convergence, bug resolution rate etc.
So I think if we are using the defect logging system just for tracking bugs and having a count of them, then I would strongly suggest to use an excel sheet. Allow a tester to test more rather than spend more time on logging.
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