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On Sunday, August 08, 2010 by Nishant Verma in
When I searched for the word ‘similar’ on the website http://dictionary.reference.com , I was shown the below result. Well it’s not that I was not knowing the meaning of the word, but just wanted to see if any new context has been attached to the word. Thankfully I am not out dated.
How it happened: I was browsing online to buy a book ‘iWoz’ on the Flipkart website, searched for it and got the result in positive. Nice! To people who don’t know Flipkart, it’s an online book buying shop launched in 2007 but has gained popularity recently due to it’s nice organized structure, easy payment system, good customer Service. Now when I searched for the book, in addition to the book result, it also displayed a section ‘Purchase Similar Books’. The books listed under that heading forced me to look out for the meaning of ‘similar’, it was show confusing! You must be guessing what all books were displayed, let me show you the snapshot. Take a look at it and let me know if you can find any "’similarity’ or ‘resemblances’ in the books displayed below.
iWoz ? Bounce ? Personal Horoscope ? DRDO ? Computer Networks = (WTF !)
Being a Tester I can only say that the algorithm written to figure out the “Similar” book is wrong, because this seems to be a feature wrongly implemented rather than a bug in the feature.
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