I consider human brain as a self learning robot which has the capacity to imagine, to think, to compute and to do many more things which are just unimaginable. But to my surprise I have even find out many times brain couldn’t cross a little boundary. What is that little boundary? I am talking about “Assumptions” as those boundary which is a passive creation of brain without consulting anyone.
I felt that whenever my brain gets a problem to solve, it creates the so called “No Entry Zone” surrounding the problem and that “No Entry Zone” is nothing but the assumptions. Something like the one below.
Assumptions not only limits the way we think but also hinders the creativity and innovativeness of the brain. Some times we just can’t see what is obvious. Let me give one such example which I encountered while reading a book. It will be interesting if you don’t know the solution.
Problem Statement: You have to draw 3 straight lines to connect the 9 dots.
Now the moment we finish reading this problem, our mind starts drawing lines starting from one dots to another. In this exercise, we will notice that those lines generally passes from the centre of the dots. Our brain assumed that the lines has to pass through the centre of the dots. Moreover when we start thinking of solution, we see that the imaginary lines in our mind are not extending beyond the virtual square which is formed by the dots. Assumptions hinders one’s creativity. It doesn’t allow you to explore all possible options.
Before jumping down to solve any problem we should write any assumption which our brain is making passively. And the best practice is to try challenging those assumptions. Think more on this line, why you make assumptions, is there any pattern in your assumptions, etc..…. I hate spoon feeding :)
Above problem can be solved in many ways but one among them is here.


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