Off the track !

Morning when I get up, I have Times of India newspaper thrown up in my balcony. And as I start reading through the pages of newspaper I get frustrated. Though not all the news are sad but some are really so much frustrating. I really feel frustrated and pissed off.  When can I get to read about the positive things which government do, works they do to make our lives better. I hardly read any such news.My news paper is full of scams, scandals, across the border talks and nothing which actually evaluates the work of government and last but not the least full page advertisement.

Some news which just puzzles me are:

Welcome to Front Page of TOI

[Brothers & sisters from Pak] We are eager in making peace from neighbourhood but not really addressing what is happening with in our country. “Aman ki asha”, Finance Minister addressing it, IT czar addressing it and many more to the list. Then is the news of Naxals killing innocent people. “We are ready for talks with them”. Why talks at the cost of lives of innocent people. We the citizen of India live in a more vulnerable place compared to our leaders who come in white ambassador car with beacon lights. We need to die in accidents and blasts (either by terrorists or naxals) for our so called leaders to initiate talk process. How are naxals different from terrorist and both of them kill innocent peoples. Is it something to do with the passport? These news just piss me off !!!

Welcome to Times City Page

[Watt is the problem]  Power cuts for 5-6 hours everyday. No water supply. Generators pumping enormous smoke. Some pictures showing the dark areas, some talks about green eco friendly stuff, what is this? Why do we have Energy Department, Energy Minister? What are they are doing? Waiting for some “pooja” to be done so that rain god blesses with rain. I am tired of my own elected government. They have excuse for everything. Being a citizen I am paying tax on time, submitting my electric bills on time, but is this what we expect from government. Why not this problem is looked with priority. Doesn’t it come under basic needs? I don’t need well furnished roads, greener parks, re-vamped temple when my basic need is not satisfied. If they cannot work on it, then why not privatise it. People are happy with a mobile connection, not everyone has BSNL phone at home. The pain to take a connection, pay bill and if anything goes wrong then just run from here to there. I guess there will be many big players who would be ambitious enough to light the whole India. Of course they will not be doing charity selling their own house but yes we are ready to pay a little high if assured of good power supply. What is my government doing? where is the planning commission? What are they planning? I am really frustrated when I read that the officials say “there are no unscheduled power cut”. This really frustrates me.

Getting late for the office so just cutting it down here.


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