Agile Testing

Agile Testing ? When I looked up dictionary, I found that agile means “moving quickly and lightly”, and the whole crux of Agile methodology lies here. To re-iterate agile focuses on building smaller chunks (Story), getting it tested, showcasing it to client, implementing feedbacks/suggestions and moving to the next story. In this rapid development environment, testers role are a little bit different. Agile testers are required to test the product from client’s perspectives rather than doing ad-hoc testing. Generally we (as in typical tester) hold the product too tightly. Typical goal of a tester would be to stick to the Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) or Requirement Definition Document (RDD), prepare test cases with a constant mix of positive and negative test cases and finally execute them. In agile testing, we have a little diversion in each and every phase of STLC. While writing test cases we have a mix of “Happy, sad and bad” path test cases. So if all the happy test cases passes, then that story can be picked up for show casing it to the client. If there is bug which is due to the execution of a sad path test cases, and the probability of user crossing that path is more then that bug takes priority and needs to be fixed before the story is showcased.

Agile testing has no hard core boundaries, it never pushes me to adhere a set of rigid procedures. Agile testing requires me to test iteratively the newly developed code. It requires me to writes the test cases first and then execute it. It requires me to adjust to the rapid development cycles. As the release is done often, we also need to test often making sure the old implemented functionality is intact and also testing the newly implemented functionality. This inevitably push the need for automating my test cases. (This I will cover as a part of separate blog, as to why Automation is a must-must in agile testing). Manual testing in agile methodology will actually create a burden on testers and will end up creating a lot of back log.

Agile is like a modern warfare and we need to specific tools and mindset to fight not the traditional sword !



  1. Hi Nishant,

    I'm glad that i came across your blog. Each topic explained is very well said. It would be great if you would post more topics related to Business analyst.

    Thank you

  2. Hey DK, thanks for your comments. I mostly write on my day to day learning in the current organization. And some time it's the views on some article I come across !


  3. Okay.

    Hope to see some more articles on BA in future.

    Thank you

  4. How do you maintain the test cases in Agile? Do we have to maintain the versions for each release? Have you automated the testing in Agile?

    Thanks in advance.


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