Test Creation (QTP Vs. Twist)

After downloading QTP (Version 11), I started using it to test my sample application which is a project management tool. I must say that the “Process Guidance” stuff is really good for first time users. It tells them how to create and organize your test in a step by step manner (One thing which is not present in Twist).
So I started with creating a lay out of the project by creating Actions which are logical name for Test scenarios like “Login”, “Create Project”, “Create Card” in QTP.
Left side of the below image shows how the test looks in QTP and right side shows how it looks in the tool I am using Twist.
image       image
So once the project lay out was created in QTP I started recording the test. This is how it looks in QTP. QTP shows me the recorded script and I can add comments to that script to tell the intention of recording. However Recorded Script doesn’t help anyone apart from me to understand what this test does.
Let’s go to the tool I am using Twist. Once the project lay out is created, I can write what my test will do. Then I can further break down my test scenario into different test steps and record each of them one by one. Also all this is in plain English and any one can understand it.
So when I record the test for each step, it generates an underlying Java method which looks as shown below. I have highlighted the method name.
So my test can be easily read by any one on the team irrespective of their knowledge about the code. So I don’t need two Testing Tool/Software to write my manual test cases and then automate.
This is another reason why I would use Twist for test automation and not QTP.


  1. Software Testing plays an important role in Software Development lifecycle. Doing manual testing is not enough. We should go for Automation Testing also. "To Error is Human" is the fact which drives the need for automation testing.

  2. Thanks for sharing.
    It's very useful for all.


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