Testing Web Application on Android Emulator using Twist 2.3

Twist 2.3 supports Selenium 2. So let’s take a sample mobile web application to Test.
Let’s say the basic test scenarios we want to automate is
  • Navigate to the URL
  • Search for "Thoughtworks Studios"
  • Open the link "Twist for Agile testing"
  • Verify the link "ThoughtWorks"
Let’s run through few steps which will enable us to do that.
Step 1: Create a new Twist project with Selenium 2.0 as underlying driver and Firefox as the browser and Click on Finish.
Step 2: On the New Scenario Page in Scenario Editor, create a new Business Workflow
Step 3: Start recording the steps. (This will help you record the test in Firefox.)
Step 4: Open the Project properties and Select the Twist Properties and click on the Selenium2 tab. Select Android Browser for the browser.
Step 5: Make sure the android emulator is running (Webdriver Installed) and pointing to the android server at “http://localhost:8080/wd/hub”. To install Android Emulator use the following help.
Step 6: Execute the scenario.
Refer the attached video which records the test on a browser and plays it back on Android Emulator.

Twist 2.3 is out and allows Emulator Testing
You can download Twist 2.3 here


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