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On Monday, April 26, 2010 by Nishant Verma in ,

Testing shows the presence of bugs and not the absence of them.” I read this somewhere and I understand it otherwise. When I am assigned on to the task of testing any module I make sure that I leave not even a single bug. I take pride in saying that “once I test it, you will not find even a single bug”. This is my perception of testing.

So the question is how do I motivate myself for this task. To many testing sounds boring and un-challenging (views from some of my colleagues and some online data), I don’t see it that way. Testing to me actually requires a high level of aptitude skills, ability to think through and above all make decisions. One need not be proficient in C# or Java or QTP to be good tester. In my point of view, Testers should have the ability to “comprehend”, the desire to go an extra step to uncover things but unfortunately I don’t find these things in any of the interview.

Testers should not only test the application but should guide the way an application is developed. Their job should not limit to the execution of test cases but rather they should take an step up to guide the development, enhance the usability of application and above all prioritization of features. Yes, testing is not a simple task. It requires you to think through and above all make some judgements.

So what keeps me going? The answer is “Bugs”. I don’t know how many testers feel happy to find a bug, but I do. Every time I find a bug, I feel that I have outsmart the developers. I could think of a path which developers couldn’t thought of !!! This makes me happy.  I test the application to uncover the bugs (flaws, errors etc…). So the challenge is if you have totally understood the application and the requirements, if yes then you will not leave any bug. Bugs are missed when we don’t understand the requirements properly.

So to conclude, testing might show the presence of bug but a tester ensures that you will find it no more !

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