First two weeks in Thoughtworks office

It’s been 2 weeks into my new office ThoughtWorks Inc. One thing which I felt was the core of  each and every discussions or seminar is Agile and how we practice. Many people across the company with various exposure and experiences spoke on agile with their thoughts and view.

I noticed that there is no fixed rule or set of guidelines. I would say agile methodology is still evolving; there are some guidelines which people follow and adopt over a period of time by experimenting and then filtering out the best, which suits the project and easy to adhere.

One things which people emphasize here is to read which hardly we do being in IT as we have done enough reading of books (in 4 years of Engineering or 3  Yrs of MCA) which has get us to this platform (Just a joke :P ). But I seriously feel one should read a lot and practice to sustain in this industry. I am sure if not many atleast few techies are doing it and practicing what they have learnt.

I will keep on posting things mostly about agile and the testing process (by which I am smitten) in later blogs of mine. I will also talk about some of the open source testing tool which I am learning.


  1. Yes you have to read a lot to survive,learning is a continuous process. You can ever say I learned everything.

    Coming to agile,can you help to diffentiate Agile and agile (capital A Agile and a small a agile )
    --dhanasekar S

  2. Dude on this stuff " Agile and agile (capital A Agile and a small a agile )", I will get in touch with Agile coaches and Mentor here and try finding an answer.


  3. I got the answer from none other James Bach,that is not something very common,that is used by people like James to distinguish them self from people who call them self as agile,but still follow lot of processes in agile methodologies.see this [video]
    --Dhanasekar S


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